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Monday, September 5, 2011


Written by Raad Shubaily

Address:  2590 N. High St, Columbus, OH 43202

Genres:  Funk, Hip-Hop, Alternative/Indie, Country, Rock …  

 Cover:  under $5 
Drinks:  under $5

On a fine piece of real estate near Hudson St. & High St. lies a music junkie’s mecca. Kobo, which is the Japanese word for an “Artist’s Workspace,” seems to have found its niche in Columbus.  Usually booked for months in advance, there are few venues in town with such an intimate aura.

The stage is very small, giving fans a rare and original opportunity to interact with performers.  There’s live music almost every day, with a 90’s night on Mondays and karaoke night on Wednesdays. 

The bands that come through Kobo’s doors usually fall under the blanket category of rock/pop.  Some local favorites that appear fairly often include Ghost Shirt, Karate Coyote and the Phantods.  There’s also a monthly dance party called Dance or Die, hosted by DJ Self Help and DJ Barticus. 

boss ladyKobo has become a staple of local music, hosting events with the Hot 17, the Columbus Music Co-op and various other local sponsors. When it comes to keeping up on the hottest bands in town, Kobo keeps a close eye on the pulse of the city’s ever changing, diverse musical tastes. 

If you’re interested in local music, you’re going to find yourself here one way or another.  It’s a fantastic location to catch your favorite bands because, one day, you might not be able to walk right up to the stage they’re playing on.  Though this venue can be considered small in square footage, it’s quite sizeable in the local music scene.


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