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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Written by Raad Shubaily 
    There are a lot of rock bands in Columbus.  Of course, there are only a handful of truly great rock bands in town.  Without a doubt, The George Elliot Underground (G.E.U.) is one of them.
    From the way they craft dance-floor-ready anthems to their natural rock n’ roll spunk, they basically have all the required ingredients to extend the long standing traditions of rock music.  With a bit of Rockabilly in the mix, blaring guitar solos, melodically tight riffs and fancy dance moves, it’s easy to picture them playing in an arena. Their sound is so big that it almost belongs to be played in a large space.

   They’ve more or less perfected the art of straight ahead rock. A friend of mine described it perfectly, saying it sounds like “comfort rock,” like comfort food, but for rock bands.  Their songs are easily digestible and simply feel good as you’re taking it in.  Honestly, The George Elliot Underground sound as if they popped out of the late 70’s and onto a stage in Columbus.
    Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it right.  For example, it’s shocking how many of their songs are available for immediate and free download off the Internet.  Not every band is like that, a lot of times you have to go through Itunes or Amazon to get a band’s music. It’s nice to see that their music is so easy to obtain.

     Going to a George Elliot Underground show is a lot like going to a party.  You know the music will be good, the booze will be flowing and it’s generally impossible to have a bad time. It’s incredible that bands like this still exist.  Right when everyone starts saying “the 80’s are coming back” or “that band has too many synthesizers,” G.E.U. one ups them all and brings good, old-school rock and roll. Synthesizer free.

For more info, check out:

George Elliot Underground
Matt Zaborniak - Vocals
Marlin Kornegay - Guitar
Jeremy Browning - Guitar
Derek Ultican - Bass
Brian Mayes - Drums


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