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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Written by Josh Weiker

Adam Smith – Keyboard/Synthesizer
Stan Smith – Guitar
Jim Tussing – Bass / Synthesizer
Justin Campbell – Percussion

Accompanied by: Nicole Rachelle – Saxophone

Genre/Sound: Lucid Instrumental Psychedelic Fusion Jazz Soundtrack

- like if you were to remake the Herbie Hancock album ‘FutureShock’, for the original Zelda … on acid


Descendre Live @ Ruby's
There’s no beating around the bush with Descendre – they come right out, and smack you in the mouth. Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the ground, wipe that confused look of amazement off of your face. 

This is live music that is intense, wonderfully orchestrated, and more than anything … enchanting.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Written by Raad Shubaily

Location: 26 E. 5th. Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
Cover: $0

Drinks: $6.25-$7.25/glass
             $24-$28 per bottle

Specials: $15 for tastings (5 different types of mead)



 Try telling your friends you’re going down to the local meadery for the evening.  The quizzical faces come on swiftly: “The what? Meatery?,” “Something about meat?”  The answers to these questions are simple, if I wanted to purchase some fine cuts of beef, I would go to the butcher.
The Brothers Drake Meadery is Columbus’ first and only meadery, which explains why few people seem to grasp the concept of mead.  To be brief, mead is wine made of honey.

Raad Shubaily interviewing Oron Benary
    Brothers Drake was co-founded by Woody and Eric Drake in 2007 at a location in Worthington.  Oron Benary helped oversee a transition to the new location on 5th Ave. in September 2010, where he took on the position in helping to manage and grow the business.

     Bustown Music was lucky enough to have a tour of the back room, where the mead is actually made.  They receive their honey from local honey producers while the product is very much in its raw state, including a dash of the noble bees’ wings. 

 The first process in making mead is fermentation, where the ingredients are compiled and fermented for 6 to 12 months.  The next process is filtration.  At the end, there’s the maturation process, which takes the most amount of time.

In the front room, there is a bar offering five different types of mead.  Brothers Drake is currently looking to double the mead selection and get ahold of a liquor license.  After obtaining said license, they plan on selling only locally made alcohol.  


The idea is to create a self-sustaining local economy by using only local products and selling only to local clients.  They won’t ship outdise of greater Columbus as a matter of principal, it’s a philosophical idea of supporting Columbus’ vibrant nature.  Also in the front side of the building is a performance space.

  There’s usually a performance every week, including improvisational jazz performers, dancers, painters, musicians and V.J.s, or visual jockeys. Outside of some touring and local bands, there are also a few bands that come through every couple weeks, the Devil Doves and Rawkadeus. 


 Brothers Drake Meadery is very welcoming, staff members are both friendly and very informative of their product.  They even have something that looks like a mad scientist’s laboratory in the back, where they create and test new flavors to keep the vibe fresh for the regulars.  With an artistic, west-coast vibe and a positive outlook on building local relationships, it’s obvious why the clientele keep going back for more.



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