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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Written by Josh Weiker
It’s a cool, fall, Saturday evening in Columbus … that usually means the masses are gathered around their televisions, watching their beloved college football games. Alas, a renegade gaggle of music-lovers have packed Dick’s Den for some all-out, knock down, slap-you in the mouth because it’s so funky, jazz.
The night is set to be musically enhanced by local saxophonist Dan White (along with his cast of merrily-music-making-men). All together, there are 6 of them – because according to Mr. White, “Six is better than Four,” and also because it makes it all “more powerful.”

            Apparently, the Dude knows what he’s talking about, because as soon as you walk into the Den, there is a vast explosion of sound. Fluid, smooth, and yet sporadic jazz compositions – the bass is walking all over the place, the horns are blaring, the drummer is killing it, and the guitar is harmoniously balanced (a rarity at any live show).

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The gang has come together to help promote Dan’s new CD, Between the Lines. The tracks were recorded and produced in New York City, but the sound is more worldly than ever with crazy calypso and bossa nova beats and rhythms. And you can call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure at one point during the night, I heard a wicked jazz cover of ‘Lithium’ … ya, as in – by Nirvana.

            I have to admit, I kind of lost it when Jon Lampley [trumpet] pulled out a sousaphone (pretty much out of nowhere), and laid down a nasty ass bass hook. After letting everyone soak it in for a few measures, the rest of the band busted into the action, and just devastated everyone with absolute live funk. It was nasty. 
This group of schoolmates created enormous and fantastical sounds that kept the crowd moving all night. Even if you might not consider yourself a “fan” of “jazz,” you should still check out Dan White, his new CD ( Between the Lines) and the guys he was playing with (conveniently listed below) – because good music, and I mean Good Music, is undeniable. 

Special Thanks:

Dan White – Saxophone
Jon Lampley – Trumpet
Chris Ott – Trombone
Joshua Hill – Guitar 
Adam DeAscentis – Bass
Cedric Easton – Drums

The fantastic staff and people at Dick’s Den.


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