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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Written by Josh Weiker

Adam Smith – Keyboard/Synthesizer
Stan Smith – Guitar
Jim Tussing – Bass / Synthesizer
Justin Campbell – Percussion

Accompanied by: Nicole Rachelle – Saxophone

Genre/Sound: Lucid Instrumental Psychedelic Fusion Jazz Soundtrack

- like if you were to remake the Herbie Hancock album ‘FutureShock’, for the original Zelda … on acid


Descendre Live @ Ruby's
There’s no beating around the bush with Descendre – they come right out, and smack you in the mouth. Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the ground, wipe that confused look of amazement off of your face. 

This is live music that is intense, wonderfully orchestrated, and more than anything … enchanting.

            While the word Descendre, is French (for ‘descend’), the band is not. Local products of the Columbus area, this band incorporates a virtually endless ensemble of stand-in and walk-on musicians – so who is Descendre?

Adam Smith
The first person you see and most undoubtedly hear will be Adam Smith. It would seem that this man is plugged directly into his keys and synthesizers. He cosmically dances across the boards, and he loves to whip his long hair at the melody, as if it were swirling around above his head.

Justin Campbell

Next, you should notice the explosion of sound echoing throughout the room. That sound is coming from Justin Campbell and his drumset. Aside from a tremendously clean style, he plays at a rate that would go around the world at least twice, each song. Nasty.

Jim Tussing

If you listen beyond the synth and drums, you can hear crazily syncopated bass tones, eerily crawling all over the scale. Jim Tussing is the man behind the bass, however he also compliments the group by adding yet another synthesizer seamlessly.

Nicole Rachelle

The last member of Descendre is not a specific or particular individual, however there is almost always some great local musician (or two) who happens to be joining the group for a night of fanciful madness. 


Most of the time, this mysterious various group member will add groovy saxophone, trombone, electric violin, more percussion, or yes, even more synthesizer.

Descendre live @ Ruby's
            This band displays a collaboration of greatness which creates a sound that spans from a heavy fusion of jazz and progressive 70’s funk, to rock and calypso; and yet, with an ever present dimension that is almost reminiscent of the original Super Mario Brothers dungeon level on steroids. After an hour or so, the barrage of sequential notes may begin to seem like a bit much, but just listen carefully and you’ll find precision in each measure, rhythmic change and exclamation. Each song tells a story, a journey of enrichment – intensity within sound of exploration that doesn’t quit. It is an experience that you must experience, in order to truly experience, this experience.

for more information about Descendre 
Special Thanks to...
Nicole Rachelle & Adam Smith for helping make this article possible...
thanks guys


beautyofmyland said...

my favorite band in c-bus.. thanks for featuring them- dairdre

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