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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Written By Josh Weiker

         Rumba Café is a cool little bar with a new-bohemian vibe. Showcasing a variety of local acts and musical genres, the most constant and perhaps best known feature at Rumba Café is the Hoo Doo Soul Band, which plays every Sunday. While this venue is somewhat isolated from the constant traffic of High street, and away from the lights of Downtown, taking a trip to Rumba is a must.
         With both cover charges and drink prices ranging from cheap to mid-range, this quaint little bar offers a very intimate musician-to-audience environment. The stage is slightly elevated yet relatively small, and the bar itself doesn’t offer much room for a venue - but that doesn’t stop the patrons from having a good time. If you get there early, you can secure a table and some seats (seating also available alongside the bar) but as the show begins people will stand (and/or dance) right in front of the stage – almost assuring to block the view for anyone sitting (just a warning). So get up and dance!

         Like most great bars in Columbus, Rumba offers a fantastic patio – probably one of the most comfy in the city – It’s like you are in your friend’s backyard, at a cookout (which they have been known to do from time to time). Fanciful lights are strung about the area, creating a dim yet substantially illuminated kingdom of happiness. Luckily, there seems to be more room on the patio, than inside the bar - you can almost always find somewhere to sit outside, gather around a table, and have a crazy conversation with great people.
         Rumba Café has also recently made outreaches to local artists and creative organizations. One recent event combined elements of live music, art installations, and a live interactive mural demonstration (which was created throughout the night during the performance, with audience participation). By doing events like these, the folks at Rumba have truly stepped up to provide an outlet for the next level of expression, interacting within the physicality of your night’s experiences.

                                Location:  2507 Summit Street (near Hudson St.)
                                Events Calendar:
                                Genres:  Jazz, Blues, Funk, Alternative/Indie, …
                                Cover:  $5 and up
                                Drinks:  $5 - $10
                                Perks: Patio

 BusTown Reviews are produced by our Assistant Executive Producer,  Joey Gurwin
 I am Josh Weiker,  Chief Columnist for BusTown Music
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Written by Josh Weiker
Location:  1978 Summit Street (near 19th Ave.) 
Genres:  Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Alternative/Indie, …
Cover:  under $5
  Drinks:  under $5
Perks: Patio, Pool Tables

     Tucked away on Summit Street between 20th and 19th avenues, you’ll find Ruby Tuesdays - a decent size venue in the middle of Ohio State’s residential area, and yet this bar is surprisingly barren. Despite a great line-up of musicians regularly scheduled throughout the week, it would seem that this venue almost blends into the scenery too well. Aside from the fencing around the front patio area, it can be hard to spot, and it doesn’t help that it looks very similar to many of the houses up and down Summit Street.

      Inside, you’ll find two pool tables, a good sized wrap-around bar, a relatively large stage (I’ve once counted 11 musicians on the stage at once), a small dance floor, and ample seating. The setting at Ruby’s is very laid back – musicians will often wander on and off the stage during songs, as many of the shows are open jam sessions, or composed of a collective of musicians that are comfortably interchangeable. Despite the seemingly amateur appearance of a show at Ruby’s, the sound and performance qualities are amazing.
     This venue offers a stage to many local artists, and because of that you can catch a variety of styles. Soul, funk, jazz, blues, hip-hop, rock, alternative, indie, whatever kinds of music, however you care to label it; and you can probably find it here at some point during the week.
     The cover charge is usually four or five bucks, and drinks rarely go above five – always a plus. Right now, Ruby’s is a great spot to go if you’d like to catch some shockingly impressive live local music, without having to worry about the hassle of crowds. If you like enjoying some live music while you study or get some alone time, this is your place. It is also a fantastic spot for a date – not too crowded, good music, and it’s inexpensive. While Ruby Tuesdays may take an acquired taste, or particular show to be truly enjoyed at its utmost dimension, it is loaded with potential and constantly promotes the area’s most passionate musicians.



BusTown Music Reviews are written Josh Weiker
BusTown Music Assistant Executive Producer is Joey Gurwin
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