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Monday, December 26, 2011


written by Josh Weiker
“I’m going to see Dirty Girls tonight – you wanna come?” The correct answer without a doubt or any hesitation should be a definite and immediate “YES!” Without even knowing what it is or what’s happening – simply having those two words in conjunction equates for what can only be described as the implication of a magnificent adventure. 

            Fortunately, if you dare venture out to see these dirty, Dirty Girls, your ear holes will be rewarded with a fanciful audial precession of hook-based, high-energy nostalgic rock tunes.  Reminiscent of 1960’s retro-Cali surfer-pop rock, this foursome will have you twistin’ and shakin’ all night long, as if you were hangin’ with the gang at the local malt shoppe.

            Perhaps it’s because every song they play is so damn catchy – but it can be really easy to get carried away rocking out and not even notice how well their songs are written. The lines jumping out of Jeremy Fina’s bass are abnormally melodic, not only for a bass player, but also a lead singer. Meanwhile, holding down the rest of the band’s merry-making melodies are guitarists Stefan Doke and Dennis Tanner; with Matt Whitslar (drums) providing the rhythmic foundation – keeping everything at a steady up-tempo pace. This group of party boys, known as Dirty Girls, blend their sounds with layers of hooks, riffs and progressions that are seemingly simplistic, yet undeniably enjoyable.

            So yes, the cat is out of the bag … Dirty Girls, are actually guys… but come on, the phrase ‘Dirty Guys’ just doesn’t have the same ring, ya know? (plus, its redundant) Nevertheless, go see these guys. They have such an amazing stage presence, and have so much fun on stage that it feels like they are in the crowd partying with you; which just might end up happening … in which case, I suggest you bring your party pants…

Dirty Girls Members include:
Stefan Doke – Guitar
Dennis Tanner – Guitar
Jeremy Fina – Bass/ Vocals
Matt Whitslar – Drums 

For more info., please check out 'Dirty Girls' on Facebook

Special Thanks to Woodlands Tavern


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Written by Raad Shubaily
The White Stripes may have thrown in the towel, but blues-rock has not.  This is exceedingly apparent if you ever find yourself in a bar and Hotel War is in the building.  Before I ever saw the trio, a friend told me “They’re sort of harder, man. Good harder, though.”

I didn’t know how to feel about such a vague statement.  The band I’m in had a gig lined up with Hotel War, so when the night finally came, I took the opportunity to check out their set.  That was not the last time I saw them, and their performance last Friday at the Rumba cafĂ© won’t be either.

What my friend was trying to say is that they rock hard. Super hard. Building spiraling melodic structures around bluesy, gritty riffs seems to be an area of expertise for them. Think ‘The Black Keys’ meets ‘The White Stripes’ and every band from the 70’s that meant anything at all to rock and roll. Singer Curt Apwisch has the croon of an early Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon, piled on top of mountainous distortion and sweeping guitar riffs.

The EP Hotel War released earlier this year, Rebels Out of Time, provides a great snapshot of their musical direction.  It captures their timeless rock and roll attitude perfectly. The opening lyrics even prove it, with Apwisch singing “I feel wild and crazy / I feel so amazing / wild and young and wasted.”

Hotel War makes a lot of sound for a three-piece, and you won’t soon forget it.  Rebels Out of Time is available on a name-your-own-price basis, and it’s highly recommended by us here at Bustown Music that you do go name your price.  If you’ve ever listened to rock or blues music in your entire life, you will like this band. It’s impossible not to.

 Band Members include:
Curt Apwisch: Vocals & Bass 
Justin Nash: Guitar
Brandon Fisher: Drums

For more on Hotel Wars, please check out


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