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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Written by Raad Shubaily
In an age where most pop songs are three-minute love songs, there are still those among us who believe in a more engaging musical structure. Alpine Ghost doesn’t simply do what needs to be done and move on.  The first thing that struck me about them were their more complex and entertaining song structures.  Most of the songs on their 6-track EP are well over three minutes, including blissful crescendos and extended solo sections. They’re more like fleshed out compositions rather than the usual short, poppy hit single.
There’s a long list of comparisons that can be made to the self-proclaimed jazz rockers. Not only does Jack Menkedick make the sax cool again, but it also inspires similarities to bands like The Zutons and Morphine. 

One person at a recent Alpine Ghost show said they “take ska and obliterate it.”



I personally see a lot of Radiohead in them, and their more aggressive songs can come across like early Modest Mouse tunes. Aggressive is a key word. I’ve never been very interested in harder music, but their faster songs are just a bit punky, not hostile. It’s cool when a band has peaks and valleys at a concert, instead of just playing fast and loud the whole time or quiet and slow. Another aspect of their appeal is their serious musicianship.  Any of the members could solo all day if they needed to. The extended sax and guitar solos are a special treat, as not every band can even provide them. 


With an exciting live set and solid recordings, Alpine Ghost is doing it right.  I’ve had their album playing in my car for something like two or three weeks now.   They currently have a number of local performances coming up, and also a trip to Dayton.  While there’s certainly no shortage of gigs, I’m most excited about the next time they release an album. 

Members of The Alpine Ghost include:  
Jack Menkedick (Vocals, Sax, Didgeridoo)
Brandon Paul (Percussion, Keyboards)
Andrew Sais (Guitar, Vocals)
Alex Jewell (Bass)

Check out for more information on The Alpine Ghost 


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