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Friday, September 16, 2011


Written By Josh Weiker
Location:  2417 N. High Street (between Maynard and Blake Ave.)
 Events Calendar:
Genres:  Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, R&B, Funk, …
Cover:  $4  
Drinks:  Under $5
Perks: Patio, Pool Table  


 If you feel comfy in a dim, hole-in-the-wall bar with chill people that just don’t give a damn, then you should ask yourself ‘Why Not?’ Far away enough from the hustle and bustle of the OSU campus crowd, Dick’s Den is one of the best kept secrets in Columbus. Just located just off the corner of High Street and Blake Avenue, Dick’s Den is easy to miss with any run of the mill passerby, but it only takes one glimpse to notice.
         On any given night, Dick’s Den provides a stable platform for local Bluegrass, R&B, Jazz, Blues, and Funk music (just to name a few).  The true gem of the Den is the virtually non-existent separation from the performers and audience; the stage sits right on top of you - and more often than not performers end up on the floor, in front of what is surely to be a crowd of enthusiasts, dancing.


Even if you might happen to stumble in, and not necessarily dig the bands, (you may) wander out to the patio (just beyond the pool table) where I promise, an interesting conversation awaits you.  Feel free to chat with the amazing musicians that just consistently deliver your multiple ‘eargasms’ and breathe life into BusTown. There aren’t many places where you can take advantage of this opportunity; and it’s extraordinarily refreshing to hear that they enjoy playing for you, as much as you enjoy listening. 
         There is almost always a $4 cover (except on Tuesdays), but once you’re in, the drinks are cheap, the bar staff is excellent, and the bands are outstanding. Go to Dick’s Den, meet the people, listen to the bands, and enjoy yourself … I mean, why not?

BusTown Reviews was produced by Joey Gurwin 
BusTown Music General Manager is DP Krukrubo
Shout out to the BusTown Music Family
Special Thanks to the great Columbus folks


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